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Since our beginnings in 1994, our small company has consistently produced high quality, excellent performing products ranging from essential oil scented candles to all-natural bath & body products. Our customers have ranged from large retail companies (like LL Bean, GH Bass, & Nordstrom) to people who live right down the street from our store in Greenville.

We have always believed that the quality of the product produced will prove it worth in its longevity. So, we set about to create products that are of the finest quality, products that customers are more than pleased with, products that out-perform or provide more than what is expected. Maybe this is why we've been around for more than 14 years.

In this same line of thinking, we consider our customer service a product that we provide our customers, and again, we attempt to exceed expectations by honestly being concerned about our customers' experiences with us, be it in our Company Store, on the phone, in an email or in our Web Store.

We are small and we've made a conscious decision to stay that way because we value the lifestyle that living in this region of the world has provided us. And perhaps in our products we can bring some of that way of being to you.

Browse our site, learn about our products, stop by and visit. If you'd like to order just go to our Web Store and discover even more. And if you'd like to experience what many visitors from around the globe call their favorite store, plan a trip to our area and experience our "cozy boutique" (New York Post) with "handmade wares" (Travel & Leisure magazine) and "shampoos and lotions [that] are top-notch, rivaling anything you might find at Aveda." (Yankee magazine)