Felted Soap


Felted Soap


Maine Mountain Felted Soap: 4.5 oz. bar encased in wool, soap with a sweater!  It’s like having a built-in washcloth, poof, or scrubby!  The wool continues to “felt up” smaller and smaller as the soap shrinks, staying tight around the ever-diminishing bar.  What remains is a petite scrap of wool that can be made into a finger puppet, a wine bottle topper or a sachet pouch! If you can bear to get rid of it you can even toss it into the compost! Each bar is a unique work of art and labor of love! Bars weigh approximately 5oz.. Made to order please allow one to two weeks before we can ship finished product.

Caring for your felted soap: Wet with water, work up a lather and you’re good to go! Use in the tub, shower or next to the sink. When not in use simply rinse and gently squeeze any excess water from the soap and allow to dry on a vented/draining soap dish.

All-natural ingredients. Felted with blends of locally farmed Corriedale, Marino, Alpaca, Mohair and/or Angora wool!

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